Coffee Break Saturday

Coffee Break Saturday

Monthly Startup meet.
  • First Saturday of the monthCourse Duration
  • BeginnerSkill level
  • Free
  • 19 Jan, 2019Admission Deadline

About the event

Coffee Break Saturday , where budding start-ups will participate and the established entrepreneurs , investors , mentors from Bhubanesawr Eco-system will guide them up with the problems they are facing  and also share their views ( success/failure stories). It would be the interaction based on improving the efficiency and over-coming problems.

Our journey started in Pune with our iconic "Coffee break Saturday" event in IMDR. The Bhubaneswar chapter started last October and there have been 4 successful events conducted in different B-schools, Engineering colleges and incubation centers.

Join us now!

Course Instructor

James Alonso

James Alonso

Language , Cauua University

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Mystartup MITRA

Startup Assistant

Startup Assistant

My Startup Assistant

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